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Don’t Talk About Your Cat: The Madness of Trigger Warnings

Lucy Kross Wallace on the Hypersensitive World of Treatment Centers

The Coddling Movie’s Lucy Kross Wallace has dealt with severe mental illness for much of her life. And because of those struggles, she’s spent a great deal of time at treatment centers. 

I could hardly believe the anecdotes she told me about her time at these facilities. Why would staffers forbid mentioning your cat’s name or wearing a shirt from your favorite sports team? 

Lucy explains in today’s DVD extra. 

It’s another stop in our recent exploration of the “It didn’t start in college!” theme. 

Yes, colleges often teach young people harmful mental habits, but that problem typically starts before college, and, as Lucy knows all too well, it’s definitely not limited to schools.

Here are some other recent offerings that explore the Coddling world beyond college.

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