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When Kimi Left Wokeness: The Social Aspect of Starting Anew

Collaborating with White Men and other Blasphemies


In The Coddling movie,

takes viewers on her journey into and out of social justice activism. Along the way, she sheds the anxiety and depression that had been making her miserable. 

Kimi confronts the harmful mental habits she had been taught, but leaving a worldview involves more than ideas. There is a social aspect as well. 

Kimi’s social network was built around her and her friends’ shared understanding of social justice, race, oppression, and related concepts. 

In today’s free(!) DVD extra, Kimi explains some of the social aspects she experienced during her journey toward independent thought and happiness. The interdisciplinary artist, Substacker (have you subscribed?!), and skateboarder addresses how her woke friends reacted to her apostasy and how she encountered plenty of unexpected supporters along the way.

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DVD Extras from “The Coddling” Movie

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