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Ben Shapiro at Stanford: His Presence “Threatened the Safety of Marginalized Community Members”

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What’s Wrong with the Ivy League? Ask Me *Almost* Anything: Featuring Cornell associate professor !

The Coddling movie community loves the essay by Randy we published on Monday: “Another Ivy League President is Gone: Why I Have Been Expecting Cornell's Martha Pollack to ‘Retire’”

And we’re so happy Randy agreed to participate in a thread for paid subscribers on Friday, May 17 starting at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern. 

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Consider it an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything — please keep your questions focused on issues that will interest The Coddling Movie community). 

See you Friday morning!

“The Coddling” movie is having a Graduation Sale! Subscriptions are 50% off until June 1 — that’s just $4/month for the movie, bonus content, and the warm feeling you’ll get from helping us reach more students. (Remember, you can also gift subscriptions.)

Now for our latest DVD extra —

Our interview subject Lucy Kross Wallace is just about to graduate from Stanford (way to go, Lucy!), and in this DVD extra she reflects on the time Ben Shapiro came to campus. Posters plastered everywhere warned students that Shapiro’s mere presence threatened the safety of marginalized community members. 

Lucy thought the fliers were ridiculous, and that Shapiro should be allowed to speak. But she was afraid to think that thought or put it on paper:

And I remember even just writing the words, “I really disagree with what Ben Shapiro says, but I think he should be able to speak.” I hesitated before writing them down. I wasn't even showing them to anyone, but it felt like such a taboo thought that I didn't want to get the words on paper. 

Lucy’s is an anecdote about catastrophizing and self censorship, two themes that are too common on campus today.

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