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“Who is Donald Trump? What is Left? What is Right?

A once-naive international student discusses Jonathan Haidt and offers advice for college-bound teens

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In fact, Saeed Malami, the interview subject featured in today’s DVD extra, has participated in four screenings, including at Princeton University (see photo below).

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Saeed Malami (center) with Courtney and me and Princeton students at a screening of “The Coddling” movie

Now for our latest DVD Extra …

Imagine you’re heading to America for the very first time. You’re going, not to vacation, but to get a college degree:

You're coming to America in the fall of 2016 from Nigeria. Donald Trump is about to be elected president. The tension on campus, you can literally cut it with a knife and I'm out here like, “Who is Donald Trump? What is left? What is right? Who's liberal and what is conservative?” 

Like, I'm coming in with zero knowledge of political America. 

That’s how Saeed Malami introduces himself in The Coddling movie. The recent grad goes on to explain how the toxic campus culture at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania led him to fall into a deep depression.

It's a confluence of a number of factors. One is you know, you're coming from a very, very different cultural background, and you're meeting a new culture that’s telling you to change, not change a little but change radically. This is who you have to be. The second was just the nature of conversation on campus. You know, no room for debate, no room for conversation. 

In the film, Saeed explains how he fought to stay happy and sane. And when I asked him what advice he’d give to people considering going to college, he grinned and said, “Don’t go!”

The quip is one of Saeed’s many laugh lines, and in this DVD extra he delves deeper into a response.

He talks about what students should expect at college and how reading Jonathan Haidt helped him keep his head on straight. 

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