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“She Burst into Tears Like She Had Committed a Hate Crime”

How Colleges Foment Call-Out Culture

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Previously, I’ve explained how difficult it’s been to exclude certain stories from the film, and today I’m so happy to be sharing a powerful anecdote that has gone unseen for far too long. It’s an anecdote that reveals so much about the twisted state of campus culture. 

Our interview subject—Aryaan Misra, an international student from India attending college in Michigan—describes how administrators’ desire to foster inclusivity can poison relations among students from different backgrounds. 

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He says his college “fine tuned” white students' minds to treat minority students differently. Meanwhile, minority students were taught to “fine tune” their minds to seek out offense—real or imagined. 

As Aryaan explains, that kind of environment foments call-out culture. 

It can turn a clumsy act of kindness—in this case a single misplaced word—into a reputation-destroying offense. 

If Aryaan had done what he had been taught to do, he could have summoned an outrage mob to ruin the life of a well-meaning fellow student. 

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