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“I Wouldn't Call Wokeness a Religion. I Would Call It a Cult”

Kimi Katiti on the Worldview That Made Her Miserable

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Those of you who have seen The Coddling movie know how moving and important Kimi’s story is. 

During college, she fell into social justice activism. She believed the Three Great Untruths as taught to her by her professors, the media, and social media. 

In this DVD extra, she explains how she viewed the world back then: “You're trying to save the world through eliminating all the voices who are in the way of you being free.”

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Kimi also explains how miserable the worldview made her: 

I wouldn't call wokeness a religion. I would call it a cult, because ultimately, it affects your physical body horribly. It just deteriorates your physical state. So not only does it mess with your mental state, because you're rehearsing all your pain, you're rehearsing everything that was done to you that was wrong.

You're also just like breaking down physically and unable to function every day. So you begin to regress in terms of health. So it's not even a religion where you can structure your life in a way that benefits you. It's a cult that destroys your well being and then destroys your relationships around you.

In the film, Kimi goes on to explain how she dealt with that misery, and the important role forgiveness played in her transformation, a transformation that not only made her happier, but also made her a better advocate for the issues she cares about. 

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Here’s a sample of Kimi’s writing:

The eruption of fireworks made me want to crawl out of my skin. I fully believed that the night of July 4, 2017 was a celebration of white supremacy, and I couldn't understand why anyone would participate in a festival of hatred. The power was also conveniently out in my apartment for the entirety of the evening, which made the jarring pyrotechnics all the more inescapable and amplified—as garish as a performance of sirens and headlights in my living room, unrepentant in their hours-long parade. Red, white and blue—over and over again.

Kimi explains how she came to believe that “waving the American flag means you support the killing of black people.”

For more, check out her powerful essay: I Hated July 4th. This Is What Changed My Mind.


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